A Changing of the Guard (2016 edition)

Thursday night's Arizona Film & Media Coalition board meeting marked the end of our 2015-2016 cycle, and the start of our 2016-2017 cycle. This is the time when we assess the results of our efforts of the previous 12 months and we look forward to the challenges before us. It's not the intent of this blog to go into all of the details of the discussion. In fact, that's a discussion that was still in progress even after the meeting adjourned. At some point, more official statements will come down from the Officers of the Board (Pres., V.P., Tres., Secy.), and I will take on the task of making sure that it happens very soon and that the information gets widely disseminated.

What I would like to tell you is that we held our annual elections during the meeting, and the following new Officers have been elected:

  • President: Stephen Brain (VP/GM of Sneaky Big Studios)
  • Vice President: John Stewart (independent industry professional and IATSE member)
  • Treasurer: Hal Gibson (independent industry professional and Teamsters member)
  • Secretary: Deborah Maddox (Pres. of Deborah Maddox Agency)

Stepping down are Mike Kucharo (past President), Rodd Wolff (past Secretary) and Gay Gilbert (past Secretary). I would personally like to thank each of them for the hard work and time that they put in over the past several years (as in "many more than just one year") in their capacities on the Executive Board. Please do take a moment to congratulate and thanks those individuals above whom you may know personally and professionally. (A Facebook shout-out might be nice. I'm sure they'd appreciate it!)

In addition to the above, we also welcomed Randy Murray of Randy Murray Productions to the Board to fill one of our many open slots. Randy will be an awesome addition to the AFMC! (BTW, if you would like to participate at the board level, you can find an application link at the bottom of the Board of Directors page.)

While the Ship of State moves very slowly, we can't emphasize that our perseverance to bring the film and media industries back to Arizona has left an indelible mark on our legislators. For better or for worse, we're noticed. This is an important thing, especially considering the amount of change that's also going on in the AZ House and Senate. It's always a challenge to re-introduce ourselves and educate incoming legislators about the value of cultivating a thriving industry. That's what we do. And we don't plan on stopping until the goal has been achieved.

I've encouraged my fellow AFMC Board members to put aside some time to share their thoughts on this website, so that you can best appreciate the cumulative effect your support has had, whether you're a member of SAG-AFTRA, IATSE, the Teamsters, APA, or of any other organization that is part of the film and media industry (including, of course, the independent filmmakers, actors and crew members who have no outside affiliations -- you have a voice too!).

I wanted to keep this short, even though I do have more that I want to talk about. That will be the subject of a subsequent blog entry. I hope that you'll take a few moments to read it and forward the link to anyone whom you feel would be interested.





[This board member blog is by Joe Gruberman, representing the interests of independent filmmakers on the Arizona Film & Media Coalition (AFMC). Any viewpoints expressed in this blog are expressed by the blogger as an individual and may or may not be the viewpoints of the AFMC Board as a whole.]